Services Offered

Full Service Computer Repair

If your computer has a problem, Ed’s Computer Repair can fix it. I can troubleshoot software issues, remove viruses and other malware, fix or replace broken hardware, recover your lost files and pictures, upgrade your old computer or even build you a new one!

Free Pick-Up and Drop-Off Within Service Area

I can come to your home and disconnect your computer, and then set it back up again when I return it. No more wrestling with cables, at no extra cost!

Laptop Repair

Don’t give up on your laptop just because it is no longer under warranty! Cracked screen? Broken drive? Won’t power on? No problem! Ed’s Computer Repair can repair all makes and models of laptop computers. Give me a call before buying an expensive new machine. I’ll let you know if it makes sense to repair rather than replace.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Computers are complex devices and need regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Dust build-up inside your computer can cause overheating and hardware failure. Also, your operating system software needs a regular tune-up to reclaim unused space and to keep programs from getting bogged down.

Backup Services

It’s an unfortunate certainty that your computer will, at some point, fail. Is your important information backed up? If not, it could be lost! Let me set you up with an easy-to-use backup procedure.


When you need your computers to play nicely together, you need a network. Ed’s Computer Repair can get your computers sharing files, music, movies, printers and Internet connections.

Anything Else?

Do you need a service that’s not specifically listed here? If it’s related to computing technology, let me know what you need.